October 31, 2012

  • Guilty

    I feel bad that I wasn’t really keeping up with what I said I wanna do last week.

    Combat on Wednesday was a failure because…. I forgot my shoes~!!! censored

    And sadly there isn’t any yoga classes that I could attend on Wednesdays unless I want to go for Kester’s BodyBalance which starts very late.

    No, no, no.

    Then come Thurday which I’m suppose to go for a swim or a yoga but I was so drained at work I decided to call it a day and went home to sleep.

    Sleep? Like real.

    I stayed up till 5.30am watching Smurfs on HBO, surfing the net and reading blogs. Then I start feeling guilty that I didn’t go for any workout and also the ultra long hiatus on my beauty blog over at Onsugar. Then I started wondering if I should just quit Xanga and go Onsugar, or quit Onsugar and go Xanga.

    See, serve me right for creating 2 blogs. Now I don’t know which to combine because if I shift my beauty stuffs here people will still go over to Onsugar but if I shift everything to Onsugar I’ll miss my Xanga stuffs.

    Whatever, KEEP IT AS IT IS NOW! I’m angry with myself for being so indecisive sometimes. whatevah

    So because I stayed up till 5.30am, I slept away my Friday morning and hence, no workout again for me. Went for a trim on my messy ends and was telling my stylist that I’m considering soft rebonding because Joeness object my request to perm my hair (he insisted that I’ll look older than him if I do perms and that straight hair looks better on me) so she straighten my hair for me to have a feel of how it’ll look like if I do soft rebonding.

    Lovely? I think my face looks slimmer! Okie soft rebonding shall it be. I can always tong my hair or sleep with rollers if I want curls.

    Saturday was a long long day for me. Went for a swim with Marlin at Maple Tree but then thereafter we meet up with the rest of our poly classmates for pasta dinner. Like seriously why the heck swim 20 laps x 44 meters when it’s not even enough to burn away the pasta I ate later on?

    Whatever, I had fun meeting up with them then Jade at Kudeta thereafter. (If only that guy behind us isn’t there LOL.)
    Still planning on what I want to do this week and next week. Month end is always the most stressful for me but I don’t want to skip my gym! Let me see what I can do… *puts on thinking hat*

    In the end before I know it, it’s already pass mid-week!

    Guess my next workout would be on the weekends then… silly



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  • hmm.. keep xanga for personal stuff and onsugar for beauty stuff =)

    haha.. i skipped gym because i forgot my rubberband. worse. you look like a kid without make up :)

  • @mich_yap - That’s what I have been doing… And even though now I want to combine both into one blog I can’t just close any one of them. :(

    Hahaha it’s the filters babe, if not you’ll see my dark circles and all the blemishes. :P

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