November 24, 2012

  • He sings, She sings

    Sometimes when the same song is sang by a guy and a girl, the feel and the tune of the song changes.

    The mood of the songs change too, but I find it interesting to listen both songs at one go to have the different feel of the same song.

    Jay Chou sang this song 青花瓷 previously…

    And Taiwanese online singer A-Fu sang it again with a different feel.

    Another good example is the song 趁早 by 張宇

    C-pop Queen A-mei sang it again with the pain reversed on the girl in this song.

    And the last song I wanna talk about, 陳勢安 sang this depressing song 天后 which feels the love of him liking a popular woman.

    Yet when the same song is sang by 刘力扬, it became the pains a girl have to go through for liking a popular guy.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Listening to all these songs makes me feels bad that I haven’t been to a good ktv session for a long time. Craving for a good ktv session with my beloved Feli soon!



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