Month: July 2012

  • Weeee~

    Yeah the meanie is back with another update! Let’s see what’s happening…

    I got hooked onto this sex forum (yes you didn’t see wrongly… SEX!) called Sammyboy or SBF in short and was enjoying those love (and sex) stories contributed by people in Singapore. Hmm sounds wrong for a lady to be reading all these sex forums? I don’t see it that way. Unless you tell me you’re a nun/monk, don’t tell me the fraps about sex is taboo.

    And while reading those stories I was kinda shock to see so many young girls “selling” themselves as sugar babes to potential sugar daddies. Gosh I wonder why when I was so broke then I also didn’t thought of doing so. Maybe because I have high visual standards for my sex partner (or people I have sex with so to say) and hence I never thought of going this way. Hmm interesting. Makes me wonder if there’s anyone around me who are actually sugar babes of any sugar daddy…

    Okie, I think someone might be, but who the f*ck cares? As long as I’m not, it’s none of my business. Right? Right.

    And I learnt a lot from the forum. Pervert actions in the public, what kind of clothes guy love seeing girls to wear, sexual stuffs like things to do to spice up sex life… Not forgetting getting to know a handful of nice people to hang out with, both guys and woman.

    Have been eating and eating a lot. I think instead of losing weight I’m actually gaining. Hate my current job, there’s nothing healthy to be eaten near the area! Gonna be packing my own lunch to work and just lunch with my colleagues once or twice a week. 

    Which brings another headache cos there’s always another bunch of colleagues who lunch in and OMG they are superb gossip-mongers. Don’t really wish to have too much contact with them either. Hmm.. I shall see what I can do. *winkz*

    Work has become such a bitch recently. More duties = more stress. But no complains since work is always like that isn’t it?

    My knee is undergoing rehab now so I’m going back to gym. Not intensively yet but just increasing the duration on the cross trainer or cardio wave machine. In no time I think I should be able to handle my favorite combat again? I hope so. 

    More updates soon… XOXO


  • Strip me

    Underneath the multiple layers of clothes, skin, fake fronts and pretense, how many are honest enough to admit things that they have tried to hide all these years?

    I sometimes wonder, why people love to judge and stereotype so much?

    P/s: I don’t deny I have a secret life behind all the daily lifestyle lives that people assume I have. If you wanna judge, stay away from here. I will not want to elaborate much since I have my freedom to decide if I want to say now or not. Nevertheless, it’s kinda hard to find a place where I can breathe easily anymore.

    Will update more soon…

  • Give me a break!

    I know I haven’t been blogging recently and not logged in to read those updates from all of you… These recent weeks has been terrible.

    You know the term “toxic friends”? I think I do have one who’s sort of a toxic friend. I’m so emotionally and physically drained by her because of her childish quarrels with her boyfriend that it’s driving me nuts.

    You know that kind of feeling when you just want to enjoy that wee bit of peace on your journey to work then your phone rang and your friend starts pouring all her woes and frustrations and her relationship problems to you non stop? I’ve been experiencing this for the past 2 weeks, everyday without fail. And when I didn’t pick up the phone, don’t be surprise that the phone will ring again and again until I answer it.

    The following 9 hours at work doesn’t mean I get to focus either. The non stop bombing of whatsapp messages that I have no choice but to switch my phone to silent mode, the immediate phone call during my lunch all the way until lunch ends, the 99 whatsapp messages when I ignored my phone for a mere 60 minutes. These are far worst than having a crazy boyfriend isn’t it?

    The kind of stress that she’s piling on me is so bad that I’ve been having insomnia for the whole week, and my productivity at work is so badly affected that I almost wanted to fake an MC to take a break. But I’m so well aware that IF I take an MC this toxic friend would sure bound to stick to me even more for that day and I’ll be even more worn out.

    I so feel like screaming at her but she’s so fragile (she’s down with depression previously) I can’t do anything at her. But her non stop childish and stress-pushing acts is driving me to the wall and I’m going crazy anytime too. ARGH!

    Please tell me what to do before I became the one that’s going to be crazy.