December 17, 2012

  • Counting Down…

    Exactly 1 more month to the big 2-8 but somehow I feel kinda moody about it today.

    It kinda feels weird because I feel like I’m having withdrawal symptoms from something yet there’s nothing.


    What is the possibility that:

    - someone you know online is someone that has got a mutual friend with you and she knows your mutual friend’s biggest secret? 

    - someone whom you’ve never met in person before is someone that you feel closer to talk to than any other friends you have?

    - someone that doesn’t have a face in you have the greatest impact on the words being exchanged on you?


    I don’t know what’s going on inside my mind. It seems like a big mess, yet nothing is really messy about.

    Nevermind, let me sort out my thoughts when I take a break and go on leave this Wednesday onwards. Woohoo~!

    P/s: My new blog will be up on the 20th! laughing



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