Month: December 2012

  • Moved…. For the better!

    I have moved…. Everything is now combined!!!!



    Here will now be my ideas dumping ground for my novel and story writings and everything will be protected. Only people who are worthy will be able to read them. laughing

  • 对的人,错的人






















  • Counting Down…

    Exactly 1 more month to the big 2-8 but somehow I feel kinda moody about it today.

    It kinda feels weird because I feel like I’m having withdrawal symptoms from something yet there’s nothing.


    What is the possibility that:

    - someone you know online is someone that has got a mutual friend with you and she knows your mutual friend’s biggest secret? 

    - someone whom you’ve never met in person before is someone that you feel closer to talk to than any other friends you have?

    - someone that doesn’t have a face in you have the greatest impact on the words being exchanged on you?


    I don’t know what’s going on inside my mind. It seems like a big mess, yet nothing is really messy about.

    Nevermind, let me sort out my thoughts when I take a break and go on leave this Wednesday onwards. Woohoo~!

    P/s: My new blog will be up on the 20th! laughing



  • Moodless December

    I haven’t really got the mood to pen down anything recently.

    If you realize, it’s already almost mid month and I have yet to post my November randomz. 

    That is how moodless I am recently. Nothing bad had happen, work isn’t way too stressed up if you ask me. I was occupied with reading forums, writing stories, setting up my new blog domain.

    Well, I’ve been deciding about this since early this year to combine fitness, beauty and wellness into one blog, meaning that I will not be blogging at any platform but just to have it in a domain. I won’t ditch xanga for sure, but probably things that I’m blogging here will be in protected or friends lock, meaning if you’re not my subscriber or friend you might not see any updates anymore.

    Okie back to work now I’ll try to update more before the start of my domain blog I promise. laughing