Month: March 2012

  • Young or Old

    Some say I look younger than my actual age.

    Others say I can easily add 5 years to my actual age when I am sans makeup.
    Yet I have heard of people commenting that I look like I’m in my late teens (aka 19-22 years old) if I am sans makeup.

    You know humans are weird. You only have one face and one age but they can come up with so many numbers for it.

    You be the judge.
    P/s: I am 27 years young this year. Age isn’t something that needs to be hidden IMO.



  • Sick

    I am so ill since last Friday.


    First was a bad sore throat then start feverish then a high fever then a spinning headache with scary blood-filled phlegm then when fever subside my voice is gone then when my voice is recovering a sore throat strikes with cough and fever again.


    ARGH!!! I wanna get well soon can? 

    These pills are making me even more sick. 

    I blame it all on my boring job. Time to find something more happening in my life.

    (In the past when my job is too happening I complain. Now that it’s more mundane I also complain. Why I got so much things to complain one???)


    Grrr I’m a no-doubt complain queen. I should divert all these energy to creating a new header, blogging more and doing more meaningful things isn’t it?




  • Mobile Blogging

    Yes I’ve said it previously.

    I hate @thexangateam for creating a wonderful Xanga app but my iPhone 3GS can’t use at all after I’ve downloaded it. All I see was a white screen and a white screen.

    Thankfully after I got a new love (aka my new coral pink Samsung Galaxy SII), I am able to use Xanga’s android app.

    So, well, I shall give Xanga another chance.

    After all, Xanga has been my home for so many years… I really hope it don’t disappoint me again. =)


  • Goodbye by Ex-friend

    You know the one thing about me is that I hate people who take me for granted or even worst, to break the trust I have for them.

    I’m sure I’m well known among people who had known me for years or those who had followed my blog for quite a while.
    Unfortunately there’s always friends around me who don’t cherish my friendship with them but rather to try and abuse my trust, not to mention taking me for granted assuming that I would not give a damn.

    I’m a woman, biatch.

    I am sensitive just as much like any other woman (or even worst than them).

    Stop thinking that I won’t know what you’re thinking and what you have done. It looks stupid on you, don’t you know that?

    I said I don’t want people to know yet. You kiss and tell to that one person that I dislike immediately. I announced that my new job draws a better salary. You immediately take advantage and try to owe me money.

    If that isn’t taking advantage and trying to make use of me, I have nothing much to say.

    People who break my circle of trust will never get a second chance.

    Till date I have never give anyone this second chance; I won’t bend my own rules either.

    Goodbye ex-friend. You’re out of my circle from trust.


  • Blogging

    I love blogging. I love blogging on the go more than just to sit down there and edit my photos, beautifying them before uploading them one by one online then show it to the public.

    Which is why I love my phones very much because I can blog wherever I am, as and when I want to. 

    I am not blogging as much as before, because I really don’t know why it seems like it’s so hard to blog nowadays.

    Perhaps it’s that worrying that you people out there who’s reading this will judge me, or then age is catching up and hence I am not as daring as before anymore.

    Or perhaps, it’s those cyberbullying in Xanga that upsets me so much that from time to time I feel like leaving here for good.

    I don’t know, but I still love blogging very much.


    Perhaps one day I might just be blogging everyday again like how I used to previously but for the time being, I shall keep to my resolutions and to continue to blog regularly. =)

    Hell yeah I am always this random hahahaha.




  • New Gadget in my Pocket

    I got a new play thing!

    Samsung Galaxy SII may not be a new phone but this color in Coral Pink has to be one of the newest female gadget that I’m digging. Major love Joeness for getting me this!

    But, to be honest, I’m still prefer to have an iPhone at the moment! I didn’t want to get iPhone 4S because judging from the specs I would rather wait for iPhone 5 to be out later this year.

    It’s always ok to carry 2 phones isn’t it?