Month: October 2012

  • Guilty

    I feel bad that I wasn’t really keeping up with what I said I wanna do last week.

    Combat on Wednesday was a failure because…. I forgot my shoes~!!! censored

    And sadly there isn’t any yoga classes that I could attend on Wednesdays unless I want to go for Kester’s BodyBalance which starts very late.

    No, no, no.

    Then come Thurday which I’m suppose to go for a swim or a yoga but I was so drained at work I decided to call it a day and went home to sleep.

    Sleep? Like real.

    I stayed up till 5.30am watching Smurfs on HBO, surfing the net and reading blogs. Then I start feeling guilty that I didn’t go for any workout and also the ultra long hiatus on my beauty blog over at Onsugar. Then I started wondering if I should just quit Xanga and go Onsugar, or quit Onsugar and go Xanga.

    See, serve me right for creating 2 blogs. Now I don’t know which to combine because if I shift my beauty stuffs here people will still go over to Onsugar but if I shift everything to Onsugar I’ll miss my Xanga stuffs.

    Whatever, KEEP IT AS IT IS NOW! I’m angry with myself for being so indecisive sometimes. whatevah

    So because I stayed up till 5.30am, I slept away my Friday morning and hence, no workout again for me. Went for a trim on my messy ends and was telling my stylist that I’m considering soft rebonding because Joeness object my request to perm my hair (he insisted that I’ll look older than him if I do perms and that straight hair looks better on me) so she straighten my hair for me to have a feel of how it’ll look like if I do soft rebonding.

    Lovely? I think my face looks slimmer! Okie soft rebonding shall it be. I can always tong my hair or sleep with rollers if I want curls.

    Saturday was a long long day for me. Went for a swim with Marlin at Maple Tree but then thereafter we meet up with the rest of our poly classmates for pasta dinner. Like seriously why the heck swim 20 laps x 44 meters when it’s not even enough to burn away the pasta I ate later on?

    Whatever, I had fun meeting up with them then Jade at Kudeta thereafter. (If only that guy behind us isn’t there LOL.)
    Still planning on what I want to do this week and next week. Month end is always the most stressful for me but I don’t want to skip my gym! Let me see what I can do… *puts on thinking hat*

    In the end before I know it, it’s already pass mid-week!

    Guess my next workout would be on the weekends then… silly



  • California Fitness Novena’s Bad Experience

    I hate to write bad reviews, but with such services it’s hard for me not to bitch about.

    S and I have been wanting to look for a gym that’s within both our budget since I’m with Fitness First for good and she’s now bonded with True Yoga for a couple of years. We both thought of California Fitness because they’re known for the affordable pricing and also I’ve heard good reviews about the Novena branch from my friend Veron who had signed up with them previously.

    So I manage to contact a sales representative J, who was really friendly and nice when I told her about my situation and also, the fact that I won’t sign up unless S agrees to the membership which is within our budget.

    J suggested that I might want to consider going down for a tour in the gym and also to discuss about the membership fees. So I made an appointment to go down yesterday after work to have a look at the venue (after hearing so much raves of Novena from Veron) and also to check out the prices before discussing it with S.

    As J was busy when I reached, I as assigned to another lady G who gave me a tour around the gym. I can’t say if I like or dislike the whole place but the first thing that came into my mind is “males, men, gays”.

    I see ZERO female working out at the machines! Not that I’m thinking wrongly but when I was showed around at True Fitness and Fitness First many years back, there’s at least 1-2 females on the cardio machines and such. Not as bad as a 0% female seen on the non-studio section.

    Okay, nevermind. I would probably only go for their classes only anyway. Next!

    Then I was brought to the shower and changing room, which I was informed we have to bring our own lockers. Erm, since I’ve never been to any California Fitness’s shower and changing room so this is the first time I saw something like that. 

    At True Fitness and Fitness First, we’ll be giving a key card instead. No hassle about remembering to bring a tiny locker to lock our bags.

    Okay, something different. But it’s fine, so long as S and I can get a nice decent place to do combat together. That’s what’s in my mind then.

    Then of cos came J who obviously gave me a sales talk and quoted me a price that’s over our budget which both me and S will not be able to afford at all since we’re both on tight budget. 

    Then I was explaining to J about our concerns and such when I noticed at the reception counter, the General Manager by the name of A. How (I managed to get his name and title from a picture of him hanged on the wall) called J over and spoke to her with a stern face, obviously trying to tell her things like if I’m not gonna sign up then forget it just brush me off kinda look. As expected, when J came back she just quickly finish up and rushing to chase me off the gym.

    Bleahz! What kind of sales service is that. So if I’m not signing up now because 
    1. I don’t have the money to pay you a few hundreds/thousands at one shot
    2. The gym membership that you quote me is way above our budget and
    3. We don’t have any credit cards for you to arrange some installments for us
    then I’ll never ever step in there to consider signing up with you again?

    To be honest I was really tempted to sign up for it as an extra gym membership especially since they close at 12 midnight on weekdays which means I can actually take my own sweat time to shower after a 9pm gym class unlike Fitness First which closes at 10pm or 10.30pm for most branches. On top of that I do have friends who are with California Fitness too so in the event if S can’t join me I still can look for them to go for classes together. 

    Disappointed. Disappointed. Disappointed.

    If not for the General Manager A How’s action I probably would try to persuade S to fork out that extra dollars and sign up at what J had quoted. Now that he’s making me feel that he doesn’t even appreciate clients and potential members, I shall stick to my beloved Fitness First and sign S in with me during Sundays when we’re both available for a good combat session.

    I’m sorry California Fitness, for your information, you didn’t lose just me and S in terms of sales. But rather, I do have my colleagues, 2 other friends and 2 ex-poly classmates who are keen to sign up for gym membership. Oh did I mention that my company is looking into getting corporate rates for us too? Too bad, very bad. 

    One bad customer service, you lose a hundred potential customers.


  • Dinners, dinners, dinners

    October is like a month of dinners for me. 

    Company dinner, colleagues dinner, friends dinner, whatever dinner.

    As though I have endless dinner dates when it’s actually not that much, just more than my usual. :P

    Company dinner is like a crazy unwind from work for everyone including my boss. This time it’s for the welcome of our new colleagues and gosh, it’s a drinking session as usual.

    As usual because since the first company dinner (The Annual Dinner and Dance) till now every single dinner involves drinking and drinking and drinking.

    Japanese culture I guess?

    The Salon boys.

    Okie we look retarded but that’s the kind of fun. 

    I think I’ll try to escape a company dinner the next round because, I hate all these hardcore drinking! Asking me to play along is good if it’s without the alcohol. If not, spare me please. I have my ways of getting my entertainment.

    Monday I got a treat from one of my colleague at Mellben Toa Payoh.

    Crab feast! I haven’t had crabs for quite a while.. Even though there’s crabs served during the company dinner it’s chilli crabs and I don’t take spicy stuff. 

    Some other dishes.

    The soup is heaven! They used the roe of the crab plus some other stuffs to make it and hence it taste super crabby and sweet! I almost finish the whole pot of soup lol.

    Tuesday I meet up with my friends for a pizza dinner at Skinny Pizza.

    BUT I forgot to take the pictures of the pizza! silly

    Just some of our camwhores then…

    Yesterday, I meet up with my classmates during my poly days for dinner and drinks.

    We had our dinner at Bella Pasta at Robertson Quay then followed by a nice cuppa coffee at Toby’s Estate.

    It’s nice to catch up with them once a while. Afterall it’s been 10 years since we all first met! Time passes without mercy…

    The ladies are all married, the guys are attached, some planning to tie the knot soon, some striving for their career.

    It’s all good I guess, that’s what we call… Life?



  • Challenging week

    This week is gonna be so challenging on my body because I’m going be starting it with 2 heavy dinner dates! whatevah

    Tomorrow is a crab-seafood dinner with my colleagues then come Tuesday is a girls night out with some friends. Aww on one hand I can’t wait to meet them and yet on the other I know I’m missing out my workouts. 

    Then again, I shall work harder on my gym routine on the following days of the week then.



    7.45pm BodyCombat @ Cathay (Fingers crossing that Eve will be around.)


    Swim @ Capital Tower


    It’s a public holiday! Super sad to see the classes scheduled for public holidays now looks super not tempting to go. Not confirmed on whether I want to go for another swim at Fusionopolis or to go for BodyCombat + BodyBalance at Cathay. Shall decide on Thurday night then. 


    Swimming day at Maple Tree City! I’m gonna go look for my friend Ryan who’s working as a personal trainer there to do TRX too.


    Heh heh… I said I’m gonna work harder for the food I ate this week isn’t it? winky

    On the other hand, I’m gonna be giving my blog a revamp again soon by Christmas. The layout probably would change too much since xanga is so fixed and rigid with the javascript and stuffs like that. (Yes @thexangateam if not cos I doubt you would return me my lifetime membership fees I probably would have switch to blogger already.bitter)

    And I probably will be blogging lesser because I am in the midst of revamping my room, yay! There’s gonna be a new work desk for me and I’m gonna be having a nice decent place for my netbook, no more blogging on my bed~! With that new work desk I might be *fingers crossing* back with doing vlogs or videos. Oh wells, that depends on whether I would be able to save up for a new netbook by Christmas too. Heehee…



  • The Annual Wishlist

    I suddenly realise that nowadays I love to create an annual wishlist for myself but a lot of the times I don’t really get to have them fulfilled 100%. *sad face*

    Nevertheless I always like to list down what I wish to get so that I would work hard to achieve it (or maybe someday someone is kind enough to sponsor/gift me one).

    This year, I feel that I shouldn’t be that gadget girl anymore and I should wish for some other more grown-up things… Or “grown-up” I should say, hahaha.

    3 More months to the big 2-8 and I’m excited. What should I get as a birthday present for myself this year? Hmmz…


    Furla Candy Bag

    Being self-obsessed and loving my own name too much, how can I not own a Candy Bag?!?!

    There’s so many colors to chose from and I personally love the green.

    Pink with that snake skin design at the bottom and handle looks sweet too!

    Or how about some doggy style, anyone?

    I’m so in love with this bag. Even though it’s not considered as high-end luxury and it’s just PVC, I don’t see anything wrong with what I’m in love with.


    Addidas Boxing Set

    Boxing is just so cooooool~! I’ve been wanting to own a boxing kit at home so that Joeness a.k.a. my human punching bag can retire. In comparison to a bimbotic pink one I would rather own a classy black punching bag with a pair of pink boxing gloves. That’s more of my style isn’t it? silly

    Then again, the Adidas Woman’s boxing set looks not bad either. Hmmz…


    Chloe Marcie Bag

    While Feli and Sam loves Celine, I am more of a lover for Chloe Marcie.

    A classic brown bag like this would be nice! Probably won’t wish for anyone to buy this for me, but rather to aim to save up and buy for myself. silly


    More sponsorship?

    Like gym attire, slimming, hair removal, makeups… And teeth straightening! I’ve been procrastinating about this for the past many years but still not yet fulfilled. sad

    I think I should start a “save for braces” fund somewhere so that I don’t have to keep dreaming of having my teeth straighten. Not to mention I can still feel some of my teeth moving and becoming more and more crooked, better do something before it goes worst.

    My friends always thought I’m crazy, always looking forward to becoming older. The fact is, I am always looking forward because I am grateful that I am born in this world after the long hours of suffering by my mum.

    I am looking forward to what Joeness planned for my birthday celebration next year. winky



  • I’m drooling like mad

    This is so random, but the new Brad Pitt’s ad for Chanel No.5 is making me SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO tempted to buy a bottle of Chanel No.5 like NOW!

    I am not a super big fan of Brad Pitt, but he looks super stunning in this new ad. So stunning that I’m drooling each time I see him on tv. laughing

    OMG please let me dream of him tonight…. silly



  • Abs formula?

    It’s time to learn how to eat clean isn’t it? winky

  • On my Track

    I’ve been hitting the gym more now, and yes I’m glad I’m doing so.

    Nothing’s gonna stop me. 

    Some songs that I’ve been listening to while I’m on the cardio wave or cross trainer. Not the usual english songs that others listen, but they keep me going.

    As a fan of BodyCombat for years, it’s not surprising that when I’m on the machines I still stick my ears to those combat’s music…

    I have more in my gym playlist, but these 3 are my top hits for the time being. And I enjoy playing them in this order. Somehow, it makes me motivated to stay on the track longer. laughing

    Do you have any songs that’s on your song list now when you gym or workout?



  • September.. IS GONE!?!?!

    I think I’m so engrossed in October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month that I totally forgotten about my September.

    Nothing much because there’s too little time for me to take pictures here and there. 

    Not to mention I’m so busy at work and trying to push more time for gym.

    White FBTs, finally!

    Somebody pooped at the stairs outside my home. bitter


    Gosh, I want that all pink shaker bottle!!!!

    Bye September 2012…




  • Yoga by the Sea 2012

    Last Saturday, I went to my first Yoga event in my life with Sam – Panadol Yoga by the Sea 2012.

    One very good reason why I love my company; the ticket is free! Because my company sponsored them for the event and we’re given free registrations.

    Other than me and Sam, there’s some of my other colleagues from Trade Marketing and Marketing were there too. Kinda interesting especially when we seldom get to have any conversations other than work.

    We’re kinda early and hence Sam decided to take a rest.

    See the crowd! I heard that there’s 2500 turn ups. Nice!

    Matching yoga mat with water bottle. Heehee. 

    After a long wait I decided to lie on my yoga mat and camwhore… Sigh, age is catching up. See my eye bags, dark circles, redness on my face, pigmentation, uneven skin tone… Blah blah blah, whatever. whatevah

    I’ll still camwhore as I like it.

    Looking at the skies…

    The event started after they got the special guest Belinda Lee doing the pigeon pose on stage. I was way too far even take a picture of it.

    As the yoga is a bit messy towards the end of the first session, naughty Sam took this picture while I’m still trying to concentrate on my poses. 

    Kinda cute isn’t it? LOL

    The happy us after the yoga session!

    Overall, it was a great experience to do yoga outdoors. It may be my first time, but it’s definitely not my last time. winky