Month: September 2012

  • Unproductive

    This week hasn’t been a good one in terms of my fitness.

    Other than going for my BodyBalance class on Tuesday I didn’t turn up for any other gym classes nor doing any cardio on my own.

    Nevertheless it’s not gonna be permanent. My whole mind have been thinking about gym and working out everyday no matter where I am or what I’m doing!

    I can’t recall if I’ve posted this picture of mine before but looking at it always reminds me that I want to be toned and fit. Okay even though I’m not tone and fit in this picture but it’s still much better in shape than I am now. 

    Do you have any motivational picture that makes you wanna gym harder to achieve your ideal body/weight? SHARE PLEASE!


  • Weekend

    My butt is hurting like mad but I’m somewhat happy with it. Seriously I’m weird.

    Nevertheless, went for a good massage this morning with a body scrub to exfoliate away the dead skin cells and also to reduce the lactic acid in my body (that’s making my butt ache).

    Hmm something interesting about that place…

    And apparently I was told by my guy friend that there’s one of the PRC masseuse who’s providing sexual service secretly. I don’t know, but those who served me were Malaysians and Phinoys and I’m good with them. *shug shoulders*

    Meet up with Sandra after the massage and while we’re having lunch at Long John Silver’s, there’s 2 young (probably either in their late teens or early 20s) but not good looking girls walking in. One was saying loudly to the other that everyone keeps looking at them when they walked in and the other just replied as loudly, “of cos lah, we’re pretty what!”.

    I’m sorry I almost puked out my chicken when she said that.

    Eyes that are too wide apart and no shading was done at the nose bridge to sharpen the features (not to mention nose is F-L-A-T), false lashes so THICK and FAKE that you can’t even see the eyes, foundation so pale and not matching to the skin tone that you thought the 7th Chinese Lunar month is not over yet, hair so messy that it’s worst than my lion’s mane, YOU DARE CALL YOURSELF PRETTY LOUDLY IN THE PUBLIC

    Side note: It merely takes me 5 seconds to spot all these flaws. Unless you’re wondering how long I was shocked at them… 

    To be honest, the only reason why people would be looking at them then was because, they both are carrying around 500 packets of tissue each with some advertisements about NETS printed on it. If not, I doubt I would even want to take a second look at them. (Okie, probably I would turn my head like what I did when I heard that girl’s loud voice but definitely not wanting to look at them much.)

    Youngsters nowadays… whatevah *sweats*

    Later on, accompanied Sandra with her mooncake shopping and I got myself some protein shakes too.

    Was wanting to get just the Strawberry Sundae flavor to try out initially but since there’s some promotion going on so I got 2 tubs instead. The tablets and protein bars are free with my purchase, 4 free protein bars from the promoter and the tablets for buying 2 tubs of protein shakes.

    I’ve been taking Maxitone Sculptress for breakfast for the past one month and to be honest I’m loving it! Shall give them some credits and do a nice proper review soon. Give me a few more days to try out the Strawberry Sundae flavor first; afterall I’ve only tried the Chocolate Delight flavor for the past one month and I love the taste of it. I wonder how does the protein bar and tablets are like. Maybe I shall do my review after I’ve tried them both.

    Just wondering, both are the same but why different packaging? I’m guessing that the silver one is the old packaging and the white is the new one. If you have followed them on their Facebook they’re featuring the white one, not the silver one. (Which means I got myself the older versions… bitter) Then again I’m not gonna be keeping them so they’re probably gone in 1-2 months time. 

    Oh and just in case you’re wondering why I chose to buy Maxitone instead of the other brands in the market, that’s because Fay Hokulani is their ambassador!

    I wanted to order the promotional package shown in the picture but since I’ve yet to try out the tablets plus I already have the shaker bottle so buying 2 tubs with one free box of tablets for me to try out would be a better choice. 

    Anyway, I happened to bump onto Fay at Orchard road the other day but didn’t have a chance to say hi or anything. She’s so gorgeous in real life and really looks slim and fit! Now I’m even more motivated to work harder in the gym. silly

    And so…

    3 new sports bra for more gym! Heehee…

    That kinda sums up my lovely Saturday today. I’m gonna be spending the rest of my weekends being a “salty wife”, doing the household chores and also clearing up some of the mess at home. MARRIED LIFE SUCKS! But I guess it wasn’t that bad since it’s just me and Joeness right now and we still have our personal space to enjoy here and there. Things probably would be different if we had kids. Perhaps Joeness’ choice to have kids later is right, so that we can still enjoy our life like singlehood while having some perks of a married couple. Woohoo~

    I love the man of my life for always having the best choice for me. laughing



  • Kill the Candy

    I didn’t went for my swim over the weekend because…. I was bleeding.

    Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t injured or whatever. It’s just that time of the month which I miscalculated.

    Oh wells, I don’t really fancy the idea of putting tampons while swimming so I forgo my swim and rest at home instead.

    In fact, not sure if I’m the only one but I really don’t like to hit the gym during my period. I know tampons do the trick of mess well, but somehow tampons don’t last on me plus it still gets messy end of the day.

    Recently I got to know about divacups and softcups which actually helps in this aspect, just ordered mine and waiting for it to reach me now. Shall touch on that the next time when I receive them. 

    Keep your fingers crossed. silly

    In any case, my period has ended and I’m back to gymming. Combat yesterday was good; I love attending Eve’s class even though she’s not the most killer instructor around. (Junwei is.) Since I’ve skipped my usual BodyBalance on Tuesday, I decided to go for another round of Combat tonight.

    I think I’m sadist, but I really love how it feels when my muscles ache. Then go for a massage to relieve the ache, then gym to ache them again.

    Call me anything you want, but the feeling of being healthier is what money can’t buy.

    Speaking of healthier…

    I had a very unhealthy breakfast today, little wonder my throat starts to hurt a bit and I’m losing my voice.


    Please please please don’t let me fall sick right now… 



  • Success…

    Let’s walk this journey together… happy

  • Shucks. Why!

    I guess I must have caught a cold.

    It’s always like this for me. When I didn’t exercise for a while and go back on track, my immune system will drop and I’ll fall sick. Depending on the weather then it’ll be either a cold or sore throat.

    Okie. Having a runny nose isn’t as bad as a sore throat in my opinion, but still bad. I skipped my Combat and Balance today to nurse that tap. *frowns*

    It’s ok, I’m pretty sure when I get myself on track my immune system will become stronger. (^_*)

    Right now, I shall just make do with drinking my flu tea and sleep.



  • Keep’em Calming

    It’s merely Thursday and I am aching all over like nobody’s business.

    Afterall, it’s been a long time since I went for a combat class and finished 8 out of the 10 tracks (with last 2 being core conditioning tracks skipped).

    Come to think of it, I am quite proud of myself this week!

    Monday, as said I went home for mummy’s cooking because she’s back for a few days. Having missed mummy’s fabulous cooking, I kinda overate as I watch “VS Arashi” on tv.

    Note to self: NEVER eat while watching tv. I will overeat without knowing.

    Tuesday was supposed to be BodyBalance at AMK but I decided to change the venue to Paragon last minute. Well, change in the venue doesn’t make a change to the workout honestly, just more time to relax before the class starts.

    It didn’t ache as much compared to the Balance class last friday, but still I could feel the mild lactic acid forming in my muscles.

    Last night was truly the hell out of me. I haven’t been to a combat class for eons and when I met Eve before the class she told me that she won’t be conducting but rather it would be Marissa who’s doing her clearance.

    Blessing in disguise that she’s a lousy instructor so I wasn’t working out 100%, but it’s still combat after all.

    My whole body aches like there’s no tomorrow after I finish bathing. Not to mention about me walking home from the train station after that. Even as I’m typing this now I can still feel that aching sensation behind my back.

    Still, I’m gonna keep these gym sessions coming! Yoga for me today after work. Yippie~!

    I’m gonna Keep Calm and Candy On. cool

    P/s: My poster is made from here



  • Black and White

    Black outfit with White Tiles. Anything more to say?


  • Plan for the Week


    Rest day to watch “VS Arashi” at home


    6.30pm BodyBalance @ AMK, or 45 minutes Cross Trainer if I’m late


    7.45pm BodyCombat (Eve, please be present!) 


    6.30pm Hatha Yoga + 7.35pm BodyBalance @ AMK


    6.40pm BodyCombat + 7.50pm BodyBalance @ Capital Tower


    Free ‘n’ Easy – Swimming @ Fusionopolis or Mapletree Business City


    Rest day! Muscles would probably be aching like mad by now. I hope.