Month: November 2012

  • He sings, She sings

    Sometimes when the same song is sang by a guy and a girl, the feel and the tune of the song changes.

    The mood of the songs change too, but I find it interesting to listen both songs at one go to have the different feel of the same song.

    Jay Chou sang this song 青花瓷 previously…

    And Taiwanese online singer A-Fu sang it again with a different feel.

    Another good example is the song 趁早 by 張宇

    C-pop Queen A-mei sang it again with the pain reversed on the girl in this song.

    And the last song I wanna talk about, 陳勢安 sang this depressing song 天后 which feels the love of him liking a popular woman.

    Yet when the same song is sang by 刘力扬, it became the pains a girl have to go through for liking a popular guy.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Listening to all these songs makes me feels bad that I haven’t been to a good ktv session for a long time. Craving for a good ktv session with my beloved Feli soon!



  • 你已不再我身边


















  • Lan Kwai Fong 2

    Sigh it seems that the saying of not taking good care of yourself when you’re young and you’ll suffer when you age is true. 
    I got caught in the heavy rain this morning and here I am with an ultra bad headache since morning till now. 
    Not to mention the non stop running nose for the whole day. sad
    I hate to say this but age is indeed catching up.

    Nevermind, I will still party even though I’ve aged! laughing

    In any case, have you watched Lan Kwai Fong 2?

    I have to say it’s a bit of a disappointment for me. Perhaps because I was expecting more than part one and hence the disappointment.

    Storyline wise it wasn’t as catchy as the first but some of their characters this time is more eye candy (in my opinion?)

    Among all the actors and actresses, I love the character DJ Maxim by Linah Matsuoka the most. Pretty DJ who rides a bike. Woo sexy sexy!

    Actually, she’s the reason why I wanna go get a headphone! It looks so cool to have a headphone on her and I wanna look as cool as that! (That is, if I lose another 10kg more I guess? silly)

    I was searching for a full version but unfortunately in YouTube I can only find it spit into two parts. The other one that I’m watching is this Chinese subbed version which in my opinion isn’t as interesting as the original Cantonese version if you can understand. (Sadly, I can’t!)

    Let me know if you enjoy this movie… 


  • I miss my long long hair

    I was clearing some photos in my camera the other day and saw how long my hair was previously.

    Major sigh.

    I seriously miss my ultra long hair. It was heavy yes, but it’s so part of me that people who know me all these while would remember me for my super long hair.

    Now that I’ve cut them to medium long hair, even my mum was saying it looks so short.

    Nevermind, hair WILL grow long. As long as I keep it long.

    This week is another non productive week. Didn’t went to the gym since I was busy helping out with the sales in the office and also the time of the month aka my bleeding week. Looking at the time left before Christmas and I’m so jumpy now! Gonna give no excuse this week. Let’s see…


    7.50pm BodyCombat follow by 8.50pm Hatha Yoga @ OGS


    7.45pm BodyBalance @ Cathay


    I’m craving for some dance, so…

    7.35pm Sh’Bam follow by 8.30 BodyJam @ AMK


    Not planning for my Thurday and Friday because I am going for an event on Friday evening and I reserve my Thursday to meet up with my friends. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be going for workout during the weekends! Can’t afford to slack too much especially when the important days are all coming soon (Christmas, my birthday, company Dinner & Dance, Chinese Lunar New Year, @mich_yap coming back to the sunny side!)

    Diet wise, I’m gonna be preparing my own meals for now. Not because it saves money on food (in fact it’s gonna cost me more!) but because this way I can control the things I’m eating and I’ll know exactly what I’m eating! I have to admit that diet plays a bigger part than exercise honestly. 

    I’m showering some love to my ONTO Gold headphones recently.

    Contemplating if I should buy a bigger headphones like Skullcandy or Marshall because I’ve been wanting to get one for quite a white… But my iPod is now on my priority to-buy list unless someone gave it to me as Christmas present? *wishful thinking*

    Actually there’s a reason why I’m showing my love for my headphones again…

    Shall not say until my next update. laughing

  • Rudest Wedding Dinner

    No toasting to the guest after popping the champagne, no walking to each tables and take picture, bride standing at the photo booth OUTSIDE the ballroom expecting guests to walk to her and take photo, this is the rudest wedding dinner I ever attend!

    Call yourself a princess? I seriously feel like giving your ugly moon face a tight slap. Then again that would dirty my hand, so I didn’t do it.


    More updates when I wake up. *yawnz* I need my beauty sleep now. 
  • Getting Lazy

    It’s definitely not a good thing to realise especially when the festive season is around the corner.

    Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Chinese Lunar New Year, Company Dinner & Dance.

    And yet I’ve skipped gym for the whole of this week. *sweats*

    Now I feel awfully fat and what’s worst, I have a dreadful wedding dinner tonight and a Korean BBQ dinner with my beloved sister Fer tomorrow.

    The only saving grace is that tomorrow we’re going for a round of BodyJam before pigging out at the Korean BBQ.

    But still, that’s not enough.

    I need to practise more of this. cool 

    Hmm… Let me decide what to deal with my body after the stupid wedding dinner tonight.



  • October Randomz

    Time flies… And I hate to say this but I’m feeling fatter and fatter. sad

    Anyways, some random pictures taken in October.

    What happens in the office studio, stays in the office studio. 

    Except for the results – great treatment for the hair!

    So crazy about being a geek nowadays. Time to get a prescription for new spects.

    Pizza hut…

    Which makes me sick after that. Argh!

    2 “sian” at one shot, nice. 

    I could eat this everyday!

    I. Can’t. Stand. Flashlights.

    Bye October. And hello November! You’re now telling me it’s just a mere 2 more months before my big 2-8. LOL!