Month: June 2012

  • Sunny Holiday Part 1

    Seriously, sorting out those over 200+ photos taken during the 3 day holiday is a bitch! 

    I wonder how did some girls manage to take thousands of photos a day during their holiday and then still photoshopped each and every single picture to make them look perfect. Bleahz…

    I’m just too lazy to learn photoshop. Photos should just be like that anyway. Ugly or not, you don’t have to judge. =P

    In any case, let me warn you first that there’s a lot of pictures. Over 50 to be exact. So the loading of these pictures may lag a bit.


    Day 1 – The Beginning

    Joeness and I didn’t really slept well the night before as we’re both busy with preparing everything for this trip. Yeah we’re both last minute goners LOL. Nevertheless we’re both excited because we haven’t been travelling for the past… 2.5 years!


    Me with my Hello Kitty luggage. Aloha~

    Free charging stations in the airport! I’m like some mountain turtle with Joeness cos we’ve never seen that before LOL.

    I love seeing those smoke coming out from the panels. Weird I know, but I really like!

    Window seat is major <3

    Oh JAL…

    Camwhore time!

    Wish I have even better skin. Breakouts is hate!

    Using the steam eye mask in the plane for the first time to catch up with some beauty sleep.

    In the end, I reckon that there’s nothing I can do to hide my dark circles except this.

    In the taxi to our resort – Aquamarine Resort & Villa!

    When we reached the resort, we’re given a cold towel and a cup of cold lemongrass tea.

    See how Joeness is enjoying the cold towel?

    I’m totally melted.

    The resort offered golf clubs to transport us to other resort room.

    See the happy us after that cup of lemongrass tea and the cold towel.

    View from our room.

    We’ve booked the deluxe seaview room, totally a great choice!

    After we’ve settled ourselves, we took the shuttle service to Kamala beach, where Joeness rent a motorbike to tour around the place and to find a venue for lunch.

    Tom yum goong with rice, Joeness can never get tired of this! (You’ll see why later.)

    My pork pad thai.

    Drinks are kept cold using this insulator sleeve, clever!

    We tour around the beach after lunch and when the heat gets unbearable…

    22oz of 7-eleven slurpee for merely $20 baht! (That’s less than SGD$1!)

    Coke for me and Strawberry for Joeness.

    We went back to the resort for some pool chilling then following by a quick shower before dinner.

    Lovely sunset isn’t it? I’m so glad I bought my new Samsung camera that I won, sponsored by L’oreal Singapore!

    Dinner was settled at a very very lovely restaurant, Rooftop!

    Hohoho I look so freaking skinny in this pic, if only I am!

    The pretty owner Nana and erm, plump me.

    Nana is indeed not just pretty but very very friendly. Joeness and I loved her hospitality and she speaks fluent english!

    Good food, great hospitality, super recommended place if you ever go to Kamala Beach in Phuket! And yes they serve Thai food too. 

    Not to mention the price for eating at Phuket is absolutely reasonable. For both lunch and dinner Joeness and I spent an average of $500 baht per meal, which is merely around SGD $20.

    In Singapore, that amount can merely feed us if we’re eating in at coffeeshops or Macdonald’s (considering if we’re not buying McDelivery), not restaurants.


    More updates on Day 2 and 3 coming soon~!



  • Life in Paradise!

    That’s exactly how I feel right now in Phuket. YEAH PHUKET!

    Free WIFI and internet access, infinity pool to swim in, lovely bathtub to soak bubble baths after a long day, beautiful scenary for the eyes everyday when I wake up and every evening when the sun sets.

    That IS life.

    Life shouldn’t be just about work, money, relationships and no enjoyment. We work hard, we should play as hard. Otherwise it’s just pointless to work this hard for nothing.

    If given a choice, I definitely would want to retire in a place like Phuket. Having an apartment with sea view along the hill easily costs you around $2 to $4 million baht which is around $80k to $160k SGD, the price of HALF of my 3-bedroom HDB flat unit in Singapore. And honestly $160k in Singapore can’t even buy you any house, not even a mini 2-room flat unit (those studio-apartment like HDB units with only a living room and a bedroom).

    The cost of living in Singapore is just getting higher and higher as the years go. My desire to move to another country gets stronger as the number of years I am in the working society grow.

    Life is just too good when you get to slow down the pace and take a break sometimes. 


    Alright time for my swim and tan more pictures when I’m back in Singapore.


  • シュー クリーム

    I’ve been craving for this recently due to the Japanese drama that I’m watching!

    In the drama they keep talking about cream puffs ( シュー クリーム) and it makes me so wanna get my hands on them!

    Especially so when I have such a soft spot for pretty pastries. ♥

    Was having lunch with my friend Raymond this afternoon at a Japanese fusion restaurant and he treated me this! Apparently I was too full and hence it became a takeaway and eventually become my pre-dinner dessert.

    I’m still waiting for my baked rice to be ready and hence writing down this short entry before eating my lovely cream puffs.


  • Killed by Supplements

    Like I mentioned previously, other than diet and exercise I’m also taking supplements on a daily basis.

    Seriously, those who don’t believe in supplements would probably wanna think that one day I would die under the hands of these supplements.

    In the morning, after I drink a big glass of plain water before washing up. I would down myself with these…

    I can’t really drink milk in the day time because somehow, lactose makes me sleepy and cause me to have loose bowels sometimes. Moreover being a coffee addict, taking in too much caffeine obviously would cause the loss of calcium in my body. Hence, I started taking milk tablets and mummy recommended me to take colostrum since it contains some stuffs which helps to boost my immunity system.

    I don’t take any diet pills in the morning because I feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and using diet pills might reduce in the intake of the proper food. But that also depends on what I’m having actually. On days that I’m taking really unhealthy breakfast (eg. Macdonalds’, fried bee hoon) I would pop my diet pills.

    This is now what I’m taking everyday 30 minutes before lunch and dinner, Trimton slimming pills. It’s supposed tokbe taken 3 times a day, but sometimes I really can’t remember to take before the 30 minutes timing. I know diet pills are bad and is merely short term and hence I doubt I would repurchase this after I’m done with it. Afterall I’m still more comfortable with having a proper diet and exercise.

    On occasions where I forgot to take Trimton 30 minutes before my meals, I would opt for this; Fancl Calorie Limit. I’ve been taking this for years at times when I have to take a very heavy meal like buffets or wedding dinners. One thing I don’t like ab/ut this is that somehow it always cause me to have constipation after that no matter how much water I drank.

    On top of all these diet-related pills, I also take additional supplements.

    Fish oil is a must~! I’ve been taking fish oil since I was a toddler. Currently I’m trying out this brand, not sure if it’s good but having some is better than having nothing.

    With all those alcohols, slimming pills and junk food, nothing is more important to me than milk thistle… I have to say it helps in preventing my body from being over sensitive towards those allergens too!


    Xangarians, anyone taking supplements too? SHARE PLEASE!


  • The Feeling is Just not Right

    You know there’s times when I seriously wanna give myself a kick on my ass.

    Here I am ranting that I wanna lose weight and look good for Phuket and boost my confident, there I had a very heavy dinner today and no workout at all.

    Then I feel guilty and feel like puking them out when I know if I wanna puke it out, I shouldn’t have ate that much to began with. So I didn’t do that and feel even guiltier.

    A-R-G-H~! Losing weight always brings emotions on roller coaster. Why can’t I just simply lose weight easily like some girls do?

    Bleahz!!! I need to buck up~!!!

  • Weekly Progress

    So a week has passed and here’s my update on my weight loss journey..

    Honestly, I merely went to the gym once and it’s on Wednesday. I didn’t went to the gym on both Monday and Tuesday and hence I didn’t manage to take my weight.

    This week, I only workout on Wednesday… Because I was dancing at home to some youtube videos! 

    One of the videos that I am dancing to… MAX is heart

    Okay, I merely dance at home on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. The rest of the days I was really slacking. 

    And in fact, I was pigging out during my company’s dinner on Thursday, night out with Sandra on Friday and sushi with Feli on Sunday. *bummerz*

    But I also don’t deny that I am taking supplements for weight loss. Will talk about it in my next entry.

    Here’s pictures of myself that I took when I was at the gym.

    It’s quite obvious why I need to lose some fats before going to Phuket isn’t it? 

    I really need to buck up this week. Phuket in 10 days now!!! Maybe a crash diet may help for some but sadly that’s not gonna work for me. (I’ve already tried that last time!)

    One day I will be able to be this slim. I must and I will work hard towards it!

    My weight taken on Wednesday…

    More weight loss is needed! I just need that 3kg off me before my flight to Phuket. The rest I can simply heck care first and lose them when I’m back. Please please please please please~!!!

    I’m gonna be working even harder this week. 

    Oh yah, before I forget, I’m finally activating my weibo! If you have weibo and read chinese do follow me there! It’s not a verified account because I ain’t some famous person and hence you can only read my posts there on the widget for the time being. —————–>

  • 2 more weeks…

    So I’m sure some of you have got to know that @mich_yap and I are now on a workout challenge. 

    Well, I don’t really call it a workout challenge but more of both of us giving each other the peer support to keep fit and lose the extra fats on our body. Afterall, it’s always good to have someone giving you the moral support to keep it going isn’t it?

    Shall do a more detail update on this during the weekends since we only kick start this challenge on Monday. 

    In the meantime, I’m so excited! Another 15 more days and I’ll be in Phuket. YES Phuket again~! It’s been 2 years since I went overseas and yes I am excited. Especially so since it’s Phuket, a place where I can really relax!

    That keeps me going when I’m on the cardio wave and cross walker machines. I wanna lose more weight before I go Phuket and flaunt my bikinis. =P

    Meanwhile, some randoms around me recently…

    Bought some dust caps for my phone recently. Seriously, one phone, so many dust caps? I am fickle-minded and hence can’t decide. 

    Got myself 2 pairs of sleeping slimming socks too. 

    Seriously comfy! Other than the thighs part. Grr… 

    The planner that I’m noting down my updates for the workouts I’m done. Can’t wait to see my weight dropping and this page is fully filled with my writings. 

    One random morning when I was too self-obsessed. Argh that lovely pink earphones of mine is now spoilt! Gonna get a new one this week since it’s the IT fair week!

    My work station. Some say it’s very neat, but I still think it’s messy. 

    Back of my work station. Feli says this is not call spacious, it’s empty!

    And while I’m supposed to be dieting and exercising, working my ass fats off my body, I am at Feli’s place drinking moscato and eating pocky on Monday. bitter

    And hence I forbid myself to slack too much this week even though I have my schedules all fully packed. Less workout = less food intake. 



    Correct? Correct. Because Autumn Candy the Meanie says so. silly

  • Neh…

    No thanks to @mich_yap for posting about Lan Kwai Fong… I was searching high and low for this movie last month! Watched the trailer somewhere and was searching high and low for it but failed.

    Thanks to her I get to watch it on youtube.. But, I DON’T UNDERSTAND CANTONESE AT ALL. *frowns*

    Luckily I found the subtitle version… Okie it’s in chinese so if you don’t understand cantonese and can’t read chinese, I’m sorry!

    The opening theme song is great! I seldom really love english songs but this song catches my attention.

    Okie what I’m writing from this line, I’m praying hard that HE won’t get to read it. It’s been 7 years but I’m still not moving on…
    Bleahz! He never read my blog anyway. 

    This FREAKING song totally sings my feelings for you. All those years I’m waiting for you to say the word but you didn’t. All the way until I can’t turn back anymore and then you gave me the face of regret. Maybe it’s my fault that it was me who decided to give up before giving you a chance to express your feelings for me. Maybe it was me who was dumb back then when you did so much for me. Maybe, who knows, if I can turn back time I would have been more mature to deal with my feelings for you back then. Then again I can’t turn back time to take back my word for saying I would never fall in love with you nor to swallow my pride and admit that I do have feelings for you or to change the history to be with you. I can only wish you all the best for everything.

  • Love from the 50s-60s…Grace Chang

    葛蘭(Ge Lan – Grace Chang), a famous singer/actress in the 50s and 60s, is someone that I really love. 

    Isn’t she pretty! She’s born in the 30s, more than enough to be my grandma! Look how fashion-forward she was back during the 50s… The time when my mummy was born ok!

    When I was young I enjoyed all her shows that are airing on Channel 8. Her graceful and confident dance moves and songs makes me loved those s/ngs even up till today…

    說不出的快活 was one of the first song from the 60s that I learnt to sing. Don’t laugh, I really would dare to perform singing this song on stage (if I have a chance to)!

    Other than 說不出的快活, Ge Lan has got a lot of other great songs which I love.

    No wonder I love to dance mambo so much… Cha cha heels!


    Don’t judge me just because I’m loving songs from my grandma’s era ok? laughing

  • New head!

    Best viewed with screen width 1200px and above!

    Gosh looking at my header picture I miss my ultra long hair… Why did I damage it by bleaching until I can’t rectify it anymore and have to chop it away?


    This time round I’ll take very good care of my tresses… =P