Month: August 2012

  • The threshold of pain

    I don’t know which of the following is the most painful.

    - Epilated brazilian
    - A bleeding cut from the sharp fingernails at my pubic area due to scratching
    - A broken heart
    - Paper cuts from all those fresh papers opened from new packaging
    - Listening to emo songs when I’m already in very emo mood
    - Splitting headache from a hangover
    - Migraine from the overloaded work

    Or am I feeling the pain because I’m experiencing all of the above. Together at once.

    I think I must be crazy… I can still pretend nothing has happened and come to work.

    Perhaps my threshold of pain has come to a new height….



  • Alone in Office…

    I rarely use my office time to blog because my work is usually very intensive and there’s no time for anything else other than work.

    Okay, I do have some time for MSN if you happen to be in my list. 

    Then again, not everyone is in my current MSN list because the one I use at work is more for colleagues only.


    Don’t be surprise if I say I’m still at work right now, honestly.

    It’s been a while since I have to stay back for work till wee hours. And by wee hours nowadays I mean after 7pm. LOL.


    Kinda recall back when I’m still in the cosmetic industry, 7pm is like, er, the start of a meeting, the end of the operations stuffs and start of the administrative reports and such.
    Or the end of all the calls coming in and the start of checking all the POs for submission.


    Argh! Those are the days isn’t it?


    I don’t miss that seriously. The part that I really miss, if you want me to say, would be the people whom I used to work with. People like Yanny, Feli, Sam, my Bobbi Brown girls (and boys), my other colleagues from the company.

    It’s kinda stressful for me this week. So much so that I’ve missed my gym for 2 days in a row! And since tomorrow is 十五 of the lunar 7th month (meaning the 15th day of the month) I would probably need to make arrangements to pray. So no gym for me for another day. =(


    Weekend. Yes I’m looking very forward to this weekend. Because other than that 1 hour massage session that I’ve booked to de-stress myself. I need to complete a major task of over 700 notifications on HSA website for my work. W-O-W. I don’t even know if I would be able to complete over the weekend. God bless me.

    Guess it’s about time I need to really unwind and chill, with my mind not thinking about work at all. A mini holiday with me, myself and I?



  • Hey…

    Talk about being consistent, I definitely failed in that!

    Didn’t even remember to note down all the stuffs I ate because some of my meals are eaten in a rush manner as I’m rushing for work this whole week. Weekends, my diet is totally wrecked. I don’t even know what nonsense I put into my mouth sometimes. =P

    But there’s one thing I sure being very consistent about, that’s wanting to lose weight and tone my body.

    But it’s kinda irritating that there’s someone in the office who’s simply brainless and keeps assuming that I wanted to lose weight because she has lost some weight and I wanna look better than her.

    PLEASE LEH! I am already way better looking than you with all my jiggys around my body.

    Not trying to be thick skin here but well, who the heck cares if she ever read this. To me, exercise and right diet is always the correct way to lose weight, not refusing to eat anything except fruits. You’re gonna ruin your body in the long run, fishball. (I called her fishball because she’s got the roundest face I ever met. Not those chubby round but rather it’s her jaw bone that makes her face very round. And her face is much bigger in comparison to her body. That makes her looking like a fishball on a fat stick.)

    Talk about exercise and right diet, I am definitely not slacking on the exercise part despite my fail attempts on the diet portion.

    I’ve been hitting the gym at least 3-4 times a week now, doing at least 30 minutes cardio with some stretching. Since carrying weights is a no-no for me, I tone my body by going for slow but long hours of swimming at least once a week. To top it up, I also go for massages to soothe the muscles for better performance, apply anti-cellulite creams on my thighs and arms and most importantly, sleep early.

    Guess what? Sleeping early REALLY makes a huge difference. When I first go for more gym sessions I was so tired every night that I doze off on my sofa when I’m back home, not even a chance to step into my room yet. But hey, now weeks have passes and I have felt my stamina increases! Not to mention my insomnia is much better.

    Shall blog more this week. Love you all for not abandoning this blog if you’re reading this. 



  • Diet Diary #003

    I’m wondering if I should consider to go back to how I used to eat and gym when I was stick thin; snacking every 2 hours, with no big portion, no coffee (yup, zero caffeine!), tons of veggies like salads, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes, cooking my own meal and bring to work for lunch.

    Nevertheless, I’m still stick to my coffee and 3 meals a day rule for now. Shall see how it goes since I’m increasing my time spend on exercising.

    Breakfast today was my favorite coffee with japanese natural yeast red bean bun. I’m never a fan of red bean but I love Japanese red beans! I’m practically loving anything Japanese. =P

    Lunch and dinner was the same again. Didn’t manage to take a picture for lunch and hence only dinner is shown. Let me recall what I had…

    Fried rice, cereal fish, black pepper chicken, broccoli (again!), 1 chocolate cream puff and (lunch only) uncountable mini bowls of honeydew watermelon sago milk.

    I’m terrible! But the honeydew watermelon sago milk is really tasty.

    And hence I decided that I shall work harder in the gym tonight. 15 minutes of cardio wave to warm up the body, 20 minutes of brisk walking on the threadmill and counting. In fact, I’m actually on my threadmill while blogging this (like WTF right?!) and I’m not intending to stop yet. Perhaps sauna for 15 minutes after this too? I don’t know yet.

    The scale showed me numbers that I am not happy with just now when I stepped on it. Hence I gonna make sure I see good numbers by end of this month!


  • Diet Diary #002

    Wanna make a guess what’s for dinner? Well since there’s so much food left from the buffet this morning I’ve decided to just pack a bit of the fried rice together with the broccoli and heat it up as dinner! What a great way to save money isn’t it? Heeheez…

  • Diet Diary #001

    I thought it would be nice for me to note down all the junk that I’ve eaten for the day so that I can monitor what I ate and also the exercise I did on every particular day so that it would help in my weight loss journey.

    But writing down in a notebook is so boring and using those apps in my phone doesn’t seem to work because I have to search for the food name and portion and such which is troublesome. So I reckon the alternative way is to snap a picture of what I’m gonna eat, compile them and blog it here.

    Since it’s gonna be something daily I’m not sure if I can keep up to it, so wish me luck!

    Morning was a rush so I ate multi-grain cereal today, followed by a big gulp of coffee.

    Seriously I think I am such a coffee addict that it’s so hard to kick off the habit. Glad that I manage to quit smoking thou. =P

    Lunch was a very filling one today. I had my usual tuna in mineral water wrap, but because there’s some salon event today and they over-ordered their buffet lunch for their clients (what’s new?) and so I get my share of the food. Honestly the taste is so so but I love the veggies! Broccoli is always on my top list. =)

    Shall update what I’m gonna have for dinner later. *winkz*

  • Mermaid Unleashed

    It’s summer all year round here in Singapore but when it’s around this season, the weather tends to be hotter and that’s when I’m always craving to go for a swim.

    I love swimming. I love the sea, the pool. I love being in the water rather than on the land. Call me weird but being in the water makes me feel so much better than on land sometimes.

    In the past I only dare to wear my bikinis overseas, but recently I got *slightly* bolder and tried to wear them to swim in the gym pools. It all suddenly came to my mind that being looked at isn’t that scary afterall since perverts are everywhere in Singapore. I wasn’t walking around nude anyway. Plus, even with a normal swimsuit I’ll still get tons of stares from those guys since the pool is always filled with guys.

    Having said that, I’ve taken a hiatus in swimming for the past 2 years, resulting in most of my swimwear not being able to fit me anymore or some of them are already spoilt. A good excuse to buy new swim gears isn’t it?

    Was looking at some bikinis and swimwear in taobao and Gmarket and I’m so tempted to buy them immediately! Putting them on hold first because I’m going down to town and check out those stores in person tomorrow plus mummy’s travelling end of this month, I probably can get her to help me buy some (provided if I can get her approval since she’s not in the loop of me wearing bikinis lol). 

    I hope there’s no copyright to these pictures cos I’ve kept them for the sake of sending to my mum to ask her keep a lookout and buy for me. 

    This is top on my list! I’m never a fan of orange but some how, this really attracts me. Simple but sexy. (P/s: I love this woman’s abs! I’m so gonna train myself to have abs like this again.)

    Black never goes wrong! But even if it’s just solid black bikini there’s many variety to make it different too.

    Awww… Let me stay by the sea so that I can wear bikinis everyday. Please?

    I’m not a fan of cutesy bikini but this really caught my eye. I wonder if I’ll look funny if I ever wear such bikini. LOL.

    Another slight cutesy one, but not as bad. Sailor feel?

    I’m so into USA flag design recently. There’s so many to chose from but this really catches my eye. I so wanna own this like NOW!

    Solid, stripes and dots. How can all these look so good together?

    A bit of tribal feel, a bit of wild, a lot of sexy appeal. I like!

    Something more conservative in my opinion, but I think mum would be okay to help me get it. (She’s always in favor of boy shorts style swimwear.)

    Green is always my favorite color. How can I not include anything that’s green for my bikini?

    White bikinis are lovely… Plus that strips and the criss-cross on the side, best of both worlds!

    I’m so keen to get both of these. Hmmz…


    Penning this makes me wanna jump into the pool again. Argh! Perhaps I shall just hop into the nearby swimming complex for a swim later. 



  • Things will fall in place

    I happened to chance upon an ex-friend’s Facebook the other day when I was browsing thru some photos of my friends.

    Ex-friend? Yes ex-friend.

    We used to be closed. Meet up almost everyday. Worked at the same hotel. Smoked the same cigs. Drink from the same glass.

    But things goes wrong somewhere and we fight. We quarrel. I refused to forgive her for the things she did. She sent me a message via Friendster back then, saying that she regretted for the things she have done, wishing that I would give her another chance so that we can be friends again. 

    I didn’t. 

    Call me stubborn. Say I’m an idiot. But I would never allow anyone who hurt me once to enter my circle of trust again.

    Same goes for anyone. 

    I don’t know why, looking at her Facebook makes me ponders these few days. She got married last year, which is something that’s supposed to be happy for her for. 

    Except that she married someone old enough to be her father (or at least looks old enough).

    That’s life, I guess? She’s once so in love with young guys, while I’m so into guys who are at least a 7-year gap from me.

    In the end I married Joeness who’s merely 3 years older than me and she married someone definitely much older than her.

    Sometimes in life, things just won’t go the way you want but everything will just fall nicely into place. 

    It’s always that way isn’t it?

  • Bath Tub

    I love bath tubs. It’s like a form of my fantasy since young.

    When I was young and watching those Hong Kong dramas of those triad bosses posing like this in the pool, I always wonder how it feels to be like this in the tub.

    It feel like I’m being welcomed to the dark side?

    Vintage, I must say. As thou I’m fulfilling those fantasies when I was young.

    Then again, reality is harsh.

    Sometimes, people makes you feel that sudden chill in your heart.

    But there’s always warmth some where if you’re willing to search for it.

    When the warmth comes, receive it with grace.

    The wait may be long and you may want to give up sometimes. 

    But I believe, time waits for no one and it’s those who searched that gets the reward.

    I never thought I would get to feel this relaxed for the past 2 years. Work has drained every single part of me away.

    But heaven is kind to break me free from those stress and grant me a good job, a good work-life balance and a holiday trip this year. heart



  • Same tune, different song

    Having exposed to songs of many language, sometimes I would notice that certain songs are actually of the same tune but sang in a different language.

    Also, it’s very common nowadays that singers would re-sing the old popular songs in their newer version.

    When I go for ktv sessions be it with Feli or Joeness, I love to sing songs that are sung in different languages… So that in between the song I would switch the language that I want to sing.

    I remembered the first time when I did that in front of Feli she was shocked. And the song that I sang was…

    And it’s other version?

    The Japanese version! I usually like to sing the chorus part in Japanese while the rest in Chinese… And I can never forget Feli’s expression LOL. silly

    In fact this isn’t the only song that has got both Chinese and Japanese version… The following 2 songs are just the same, but I prefer to sing the whole song in 1 language.


    Rainie Yang sang the chinese version first then followed by the Japanese version a few years later to venture into the Japan market.

    I got to listen to the Japanese version of this first… But back then I don’t even know the hiragana of Japanese and hence I merely know how to sing the Chinese version. 

    Kinda glad that Goto Maki re-sang this song last year. This newer version is much easier to sing than the original version!


    Of cos, there’s some other songs that I love which is originated from other language. One that I liked to sing was from Thai!

    Sadly, I do not know how to sing the Thai version at all. Everytime I heard this song at Thai discos I would sing along… The Chinese version of it. LOL.

    I haven’t post any cover videos since the last time I sang the song from Hebe’s first album… Maybe I should post some soon?