Month: May 2012

  • One after another…

    Like seriously.


    Why am I the one getting infected with the feverish and flu and cold virus from my colleagues?

    My pain from the knee has just been reduced and now here I am with a blocked nose and blocked ears while typing this. Gosh see my terrible dark circles and eye bags from the blocked nose… Adding filters also can’t cover them. Argh!


    And yes, pain from knee is reduced, not fully recover

    Because apparently it was related to my fall a few years ago in the gym. That hateful fall has caused my hips to mis-align without any signs. To most of you a tiny mis-alignment might not seem to be serious but honestly, it wasn’t so. This has caused my back to ache from time to time, my legs to become unbalance in length, my right IT band to be overstretched as long as I’m exercising.

    Terrible? Of cos. 

    See how painful I look in this photo. It’s so painful to the extend that I squeezed my chin until it became triple chin. bitter


    NO NO NO I CAN’T ALLOW MYSELF TO BE THIS FAT OKIE! It’s just because of the angle this photo is taken that’s why I look fat. *self denial* 

    There, the lady who was assisting the chiropractic before he starts “murdering” me. Don’t think this is comfortable, the painful picture above was taken when she’s doing treatment for me!

    Undergoing this chiropractic treatment isn’t easy, but I’m telling myself I can do it. I must let myself recover from all these!


    Best of luck to me… whatevah

  • Reminder

    I need to constantly remind myself that I must and I HAVE TO lose weight.

    Seeing pictures of how I used to be way slimmer makes me hate myself for not being constant with my lifestyle.

    Now that I really need to lose weight for beauty and health purpose. Not to mention I’m going Phuket next month! I don’t wanna go there and show all my fats and flabs. =(

    Why didn’t I get to keep my body like this for good whenever I manage to achieve a slimmer one like this? Bleahz…

  • Cranky Wanky

    My mood swing has been very bad recently.

    I’m not sure if it’s due to the after-effects from the steroids that I took for my rashes or the emotional stress that comes with the rashes on me that is making me totally weird and freaky.

    Or was it that super irritating old woman in my office who has been irritating me with her super annoying high pitch act cute voice (she’s already a mother of 3, eldest at 23) calling me “Candice Candace” when BLOODY HELL my name is CANDY. If you don’t know how to spell it’s C-A-N-D-Y not C-A-N-D-I-C-E!!! Not to mention she’s freaking loud when she speaks and it’s really very disturbing even when she’s calling out to other colleagues. *shivers*

    Or was it from the feel of my close friends that whenever I started messaging in our group chat there’ll be silence all over until many hours later somebody started mentioning something else then as long as I keep my fingers shut, they’ll continue to bomb my whatsapp happily. Either that or whatever I’ve typed will be skipped by them cos they don’t bother to reply whatever I said at all.

    Or was it from my sudden changes in my menstrual cycle (which I think only the females can understand this part) that’s making me totally bonkers. From the usual 33 days cycle to a sudden 21 days and 27 days is no joke. I feel like I’m seeing blood almost every other 2 weeks and that kinda makes me feel even more stress. I confirm there’s some changes to the hormones and hence the reason why my mood is having this yo-yo effect too. And to think there’s always a saying that when you’re more stressed your mensus will be delayed. PUI! WHY IS MINE COMING EARLIER THEN?

    Or was it the lack of coffee aka caffeine that’s making me cranky? I’m always aware that I am super addicted to coffee but each time I tried to quit it’s never more than a month. Some how I manage to quit ciggies entirely but not coffee. Argh… Just like last week, I just manage to keep myself off coffee from work and this week there I am again drinking coffee everyday. 

    Nevermind, now what I need to do most is LOSE WEIGHT!!! 1 more month to Phuket and I need to lose those flabs immediately. Think I’m gonna go on a crash-and-strict diet + hardcore workout now. Who knows, I might even need to pop some slimming pills soon. 

    Can you freaking imagine that I was so don’t-know-what-I’m-thinking and I just gobble up the bread above just now? The whole thing, yes the whole thing. bitter

  • ABC Soup

    There’s this joke about ABC soup that in the past, the Chinese who migrated to USA doesn’t know about the spellings of Onions, Potatoes and Carrots.

    And because these 3 veggies are the most readily available and cheap ones so the Chinese liked to use them to make soups. When people asked the name of this soup they called it ABC because it’s “A-nions, B-otatoes and C-arrots”. 

    Well, there’s a lot of sayings for it too. Some say it’s all ABC because it’s the most common soup cooked by the ABCs (American-Born Chinese).

    Whatever, I just love this soup because it’s simple and easy to prepare. LOL.

    All you need is… Onions and Potatoes!

    Just joking, I was too lazy to take pictures of the rest of the ingredients and merely took this. LOLs.

    - Pork ribs or chicken (I’ve used soft bone pork this time because I wanna eat the soft bones for my collagen intake!)
    - Carrot
    - Potato
    - Yellow onion

    Blanch the pork ribs in boiling water. (Basically that means to boil the ribs until all the weird gross foamy bits came out. LOL)

    Pour away the water and add room temperature water to cool it. 

    Chop all the veggies into chunks.

    Add everything together into a soup pot.

    Add some wolfberries for the sweetness.

    Add more water and bring the soup to boil.

    Simmer on low fire for around an hour (for me I love to simmer for up to 1.5hours to really soften the meat, especially the soft bones).

    Add some salt and ta-da~! Your ABC soup is done!


    Some people who likes to have a stronger (and saltier) taste to their soup may consider to add a stock cube instead of salt prior to simmering.

    For me, my secret ingredient to make the soup taste better is… 

    This! Dried scallops!!

    I added them in before bringing the soup to boil. For some others they might use ikan billis, soy beans or dried shrimps to add flavor to the soup.

    There are many different versions of ABC soups that different people have made and personally I’ve seen some people adding celery or tomatoes too. After so many trial and errors I still prefer my soup the way I made it. silly

  • Pic-randomness

    Random snap shots using my phone…

    Coffee is my life but I’m quitting it now. I think I’m now a zombie. 

    Cake cravings but no, I need my weight loss.

    Juicy egg is a killer.

    I hate this everyday. 

    See me in white is a while in a blue moon.

    Lovely mornings.

    Rainy day…

    So stormy with lighting, why I don’t see Thor?

    Report for work early when my start work time is 8.30am…

  • Yoga for the Sleepless soul

    Since my knee is still in recovering phase and I’m listening to @lasallian now as to not to give any strain to my knees for the time being, I’m not going to gym this month just in case my urge to jump onto the treadmill or the itch to go for a combat session might further cause my knee to be in pain again.

    As such, I’m turning myself to exercises which are less harmful to my knees like yoga! And I’m loving this bedtime yoga now. I’m doing it almost every night and honestly it does helps me to sleep better.

    Bedtime Yoga

    For those with sleeping difficulty or insomnia like me may want to give this a try! Nowadays I’m loving yoga so much that I might not want to step onto a treadmill again; after all, the thought of having my IT band over-stretched and my knee in pain again freaks me out!

    ZZzzz time!

  • My formspring is up and running now =)

    I’m not sure how many of you would really want to ask me questions since number 1. I am not some famous celebrity blogger here and number 2. I doubt people would be very interested in me to the extend that you have tons of questions for me.

    Nevertheless, out of fun (and boredom) I’ve got my formspring up and running now. The “ask me anything” box is just on the right column if you have already spotted it.

    If you do have any questions (to kill my boredom) do feel free to do so aye? I would be of great pleasure to answer your questions LOL.

  • Not Bad, Year Path Number 5

    4 months after I blogged about my birthday wishlist I looked back at what I wished for this year and how much it have come true…

    - Teeth straightening
    Not come true yet!!! To think this was first on my list!!! bummedsadbitter

    Any dentist/dental clinic wanna sponsor me on this? I’ll intense blog-vertise for you weekly I promise!!!

    - Lady Gaga earphones
    There is it! Loving it right now and each time I look at it I’ll remember my lovely colleagues at ELC. smooch 

    - New netbook or tablet
    Not yet, but I’m saving up for it to catch a good bargain at the next IT fair right now. (There’s always an IT fair every quarter anyways… The next one is coming in June?) Call me fickle-minded but I’m still considering if I should buy a netbook, a tablet, a desktop PC or simply at iMac.

    If only this is available here… I won’t even need to consider anymore. THIS for sure!whatevah 

    - More time to visit the gym and blog, less time needed at work (but pay remains or even higher!)
    Okie, I left ELC after my birthday and got into where I am right now. Able to knock off on time almost 99% of the time = more time to blog and gym now, not to mention current pay is higher than when I was at ELC. Consider this already come true isn’t it?

    - Have my beauty blog up and running again (provided that I have the time!)
    I still can’t blog like at least every other day there, but at the very least now it’s at least an entry a week? Not to mention I’m lucky enough to be getting invites from really nice companies now. Can’t say it’s not fulfilled because I can have my time to put in effort for those entries now!


    Overall, it was a nice year path number 5 isn’t it? I got 3 out of 5 wishes came true and 1 more on the way. Hopefully before it ends next year I get to have all wishes come true! heart

  • My Personal Song

    Something very random, but seriously it brightens up my day like nobody’s business. 

    By shamelessly saying that I am a freaking lucky meanie bitch is never enough. Seriously, how many people can have songs that you can proudly say “it’s so me!”?

    I was youtube-surfing listening and watching Japanese PVs when I came across this song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu called “Candy Candy”.

    いつだって忘れずあるよ 何をえらぼうかな
    甘い空気がふわふわ ぷんぷんしなくてすむでしょ
    Tsukue toka poketto toka kaban no naka ni mo ne
    Itsu datte wasurezu aru yo nani wo erabou ka na
    Chotto chotto honno chotto de shiawase wa umarete
    Amai kuuki ga fuwafuwa punpun shinakute sumudesho
    Maybe in the desk, maybe in my pocket, maybe in my bag
    I’m always forgetting all the time, I ponder my selections
    Just a little, just a little, for real – just a little, happiness is coming alive
    A sweet smell lingers in this fluffy atmosphere


    甘い空気がふわふわ ぷんぷんしなくてすむでしょ
    Are mo sore mo kore mo minna suteki mihoretai no
    Kimi no rikuesuto nante kii teru hima wa nai wa
    Datte datte onnanokodashi ima wa taisetsuna no
    Amai kuuki ga fuwafuwa punpun shinakute sumudesho
    Ah, but, this or that, everyone
    Wants to be amazing
    I heard your request, but I had no time to tend to it
    Because, because, I’m a girl after-all, so I treasure “now”
    A sweet smell lingers in this fluffy atmosphere



    Nope, it’s not just because the song is called “Candy Candy”. Not just because she sang the word “Candy” numerous times in the song.

    But it’s because she sang “Chewing” and “Cutie” which sounds like my chinese name so much that even when Joeness was listening this song he laughs. Seriously, a whole song that keeps singing both my given name by my parents? FIRST TIME!

    I am crazy but I made it into ringtone for my mobile phone. The next time my phone rings in front of my friends I’m pretty sure they’ll start laughing.

    This brightens up my day so much that it kinda makes me feel better today despite having heat rashes on my face which makes my face so itchy, red and patchy. I am so easily contented sometimes. laughing

  • Things Unaccomplished

    I was writing down all the things that I mentioned I wanna buy/own previously and was asking myself why eventually until date I still haven’t own them.

    Rather than focusing on saying because I’m poor and no money, I tried to look at the bigger picture and realized that the problem doesn’t only lies with me being poor. But rather, a lot of times these things are being put on hold because the money is being used to buy/do something else.

    Worst thing is, most of the time if the money is being used to buy something else it’ll be cosmetic related because I’m such a junkie in that.

    And for that, I’m gonna put myself on a ban for now. A buying ban for all cosmetic related stuffs.

    Unless really really dire necessary (eg. Run out of facial toners, which is the only possible thing to happen since I have tons of foundations, BB creams, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, eyeshadows, blushers, lipsticks… You name it I *should* have it. All except facial toners.) I shall not buy any cosmetic stuffs until I get my hands on these items that are on my wish list for the longest time ever:

    - All overdue bills paid (now only left with my phone bills, hooray~!)
    - Table to set up my study area
    - New netbook/laptop/desktop
    - Upgrading my DSLR Camera with a swivel screen
    - Ring Light
    - Hello Kitty Android Phone
    - New gym wear

    I’m putting my bills in even thou that’s not something that I wanna buy but it’s something I wanna clear since eons ago! *le sighz* One thing I realize about growing up is that your number of bills will only grow more and more and not lesser and lesser. =( With Joeness being jobless now it’s gonna be even harder on me. (I’m seriously considering getting a second job to make sure I can make ends meet.)

    I can’t really ban myself on clothes and shoes because my shoes worn off easily and clothes to me is already a limited edition since I don’t own tons of clothes like most girls do. By banning myself from buying cosmetic stuffs I guess I’ll more or less save up quite a bit for all these other stuffs. ^_* Furthermore I still have $100 Isetan vouchers which can be utilized to buy new gym wear. pleased 

    This ban would probably last me all the way till end of this year since there’s so much stuffs I wanna get and things to be done plus I wanna finish up those unopened cosmetics and skincare products that’s lying in my drawers and cupboards now.

    Wish me luck in this ban… winky